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Our Voices

“Nothing is going to change unless we speak up and give ourselves a voice.”
-Rhonda Ploof, Hinesburg



“There is strength in numbers and the union can only help us improve things.”
-Lorraine Thurston, Corinth

“I love spending time with the clients and would love to see more and get more hours too. Maybe a better detailed background check on people.”
— Tammy LaMare, Wolcott


“Coming together is what it’s all about. It’s common sense.”
— Sarah Correia, Essex Junction



“I would like to see the union form and help out the people that need services first then the people who are caretakers.”
— Jeffrey Goldberg, Colchester


“It is important for homecare providers to stand together so our pay keeps up with being able to have daily necessities and not having to give them up because we no long can afford them.”
— Lori Sampietro (with her mother, Eve, at left), Montgomery


“I feel its very important to come together for the full support of taking care of our disabled consumers, understanding the hard work and dedication that goes into this job.”
— Katelyn Davenport, Poultney


“We need to stay healthy in order to care for our consumers. Having health care insurance would help us to maintain our good health.”
— Kelly Demag, St. Albans


“It’s a very rewarding way to help those that are developmentally delayed – to help them with their day-to-day tasks.”
— Melissa Francis with her client, Clive, Colchester


“Legislators know the problem title, not the individual story. You can’t judge a book by its covers, so these people’s individual history and stories shouldn’t be either. They aren’t a number.”
— Jessica Mae Parker, St. Albans


“Not only is the program important for the clients but for the overall community. It is our responsibility to ensure that it only continues to thrive and improve.”
— Breanna Stewart, St. Johnsbury


“It’s not fair how the hours and wages are being cut.”
— Melissa Gallup, Winooski


“We can’t do this alone. We need support for ourselves as well as our people we provide for.”
— Leona Ingalls, Johnson


“The provider I was meeting asked to meet a half hour early because she doesn’t get paid for travel. I said, ‘Sure.’ Then I realized I don’t get travel pay either!”
— Paula Hemingway, Jericho


“I think it is important that Vermont homecare providers come together in solidarity with AFSCME. By doing this, we will have a voice in the programs that support our clients and in our working conditions.”
— Janelle Blake, Essex Junction


“Providers in Vermont would benefit from having a system for communications. This would benefit providers and consumers by creating a database of knowledge to ensure that providers and sonsumers have the resources we need.”
— Carrie Barkyoumb, Jericho


“By standing together, we can show others how important it is that we get the proper attention and appreciation for the good we do.”
— Robyn Corriveau, Newport


“I am looking forward to AFSCME offering greater opportunities as a profession in the home care arena. Great ideas come from great organization.”
— Nancy McNamara


“I think it is very important to better the lives of the people that I work with and organizing can only be a good thing towards that goal.”
— Marianne Chamberlain, Colchester


“This is a step in the right direction.”
— Debra Harris, Swanton


“I feel homecare providers such as myself need a strong voice to help us receive better pay and health coverage.”
— Kolleen Gaudette, St. Albans


“The only way we will be able to improve the quality of care and the wages of the caregivers is by all of us joining Vermont Homecare United/AFSCME. This is definitely the way forward.”
— Sheila Thompson, Hartland


“Providers should have a union in Vermont so that our voices can be heard to best support our consumers and their families. We also need to look out for our own jobs and income.”
— Kymberly Desjardins, Essex Junction


“Family members should be able to stay in their home around their family so they’re surrounded by people who love them and care. Family members should be fairly compensated to care for them because it is a 24 hours, 7 days a week responsibility.”
—Lori Mayville, Jericho


AFSCME is working with Vermont caregivers to ensure that homecare services are adequately funded and that personal care attendants are paid for the hours they work. Follow us Facebook Twiter RSS