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Homecare contract negotiations begin with the State of Vermont

Great news, your bargaining team began formal negotiations with the State on December 23, 2013. This was a historic meeting as it was the first time the State of Vermont has ever had formal negotiations with homecare providers!

We began laying the groundwork for the negotiations ahead of us including setting several dates in January, developing ground rules for bargaining and discussing compensation for fiscal year 2015. The union laid out our priorities as did the State. While we are excited to have our first meeting out of the way, we know that the battle has just begun.

Please watch your mail for a list of meetings in your area so we can make sure your voice is heard at the table. We encourage you to come to meetings in your area to meet your bargaining team and make your concerns known. Contact our office during regular business hours (802-857-5985) if you have any questions or if you would like to have your local bargaining committee member contact you.

AFSCME is working with Vermont caregivers to ensure that homecare services are adequately funded and that personal care attendants are paid for the hours they work. Follow us Facebook Twiter RSS