Former Homecare Provider, AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer Laura Reyes to hold statewide call with Vermont providers

AFSCME represents more than 125,000 homecare providers in six states, and Laura Reyes, AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer is one of them.

In the coming weeks, Laura will be hosting a tele-town hall conference call to talk to Vermont homecare providers as they start to build their union. Homecare providers from across Vermont can join a conversation by phone with Laura about what’s next for us once we have our union election for AFSCME.

Laura became a homecare provider after the birth of her first son who was born premature and after being told by the doctors that he would not be able to walk or talk. Today, Laura’s son can walk and is currently enrolled in college, a true testament to the Reyes’ resilience but also the vital service homecare providers offer their clients.

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We’ve heard countless incredible stories from providers across Vermont, but today we also want to share Laura’s Mother’s Day essay with you.

Like the thousands of homecare providers across Vermont, Laura’s story of low wages and poor working conditions is sadly not unique.

By coming together in Vermont, we started an important conversation with our elected officials that lead us to a new law recognizing our rights. Now we have to take the next steps toward building our union and taking our seat at the table when we bargain our contract with the state.

“I think it says a lot about AFSCME that the number two position nationally comes from homecare. Laura knows what we need to provide for those we care for and can use the resources of AFSCME to benefit Vermont homecare providers and most importantly, those Vermonters who receive care,” said Janelle Blake, a homecare provider from Essex Junction.

“I’m glad that once we have a union and can bargain together with the state, the job I love will not be a burden on myself or my family. Laura knows what it’s like to be in the trenches and I’m proud to join a union with people like her in leadership. Too many of us have had to make the impossible choice between our own family and the people we care for. Once we have a union and can stand together, we won’t be put in that position anymore” continued Blake.

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