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NEW VIDEO: Unanimous voice vote in State Senate sends homecare bill S-59 to the House

Today, Friday March 15, the Vermont State Senate took one more step toward granting homecare workers the right to organize.  Homecare workers from all over the state witnessed the unanimous final vote by the full Senate that sends the homecare bill S-59 to the House of Representatives before final passage.

Vermont Homecare United/AFSCME homecare workers are seen in their green shirts filling up the visitor section of the tiny senate chambers just before the vote.

Homecare worker Carol Delage (left) with other supporters of the homecare bill S-59, that now goes to the House of Representatives.

Vermont Homecare United/AFSCME organizer Alice Grgas (left) with homecare workers Brian McAllister, Amanda Sheppard and Mary Montgomery.

The right half of the Senate chambers, just before the vote.

The left half of the Senate chambers, just before the vote.




Homecare Bill S-59 Goes to Full State Senate Friday

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Vermont Homecare United/AFSCME & Vermont Workers’ Center partner for legislative meeting

Homecare worker Mary Montgomery (left) from Washington, VT, asks legislators (below) to support the homecare bill (S-59) during a meeting set up by the Vermont Workers’ Center.  Sandy Gaffney from the Vermont Workers’ Center is beside Mary Montgomery.

Legislators gathered to hear from homecare worker Mary Montgomery (above) and others from the Vermont Workers’ Center. (Left to Right) Rep.  Mary Hooper, Washington-4; Rep. Tom Stevens, Washington-Chittenden; Sen. Ann Cummings, Washington; Sen. Anthony Pollina, Washington; and not seen, Rep. Patti Lewis, Washington-1.

Homecare worker featured in AFSCME Works magazine

Homecare worker Cheri Weber is featured in the current issue of AFSCME Works. Reporter Kate Childs Graham outlined Weber’s help to organize a union of independent homecare providers with Vermont Homecare United/AFSCME.  The magazine is distributed to 1.6 million AFSCME members and retirees.

Homecare workers build their union with outreach to state legislators

Rep. Timothy Jerman (left) Janelle Blake (right)


Homecare worker Janelle Blake (right) asks her State Representative Timothy Jerman (Chittenden 8-2) to support the homecare bill when it enters the House of Representatives.

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